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Sstone retaining wall

  • Dry stone walling.
  • Mortar bedded stone walling.
  • Stone cladding.
  • Hard Landscaping.
  • Lime rendering.
  • Lime plastering.
  • Fireplaces.
  • Bespoke features.
  • Re pointing.
  • Restoration.
  • General repairs.
  • Insurance claims.
  • Consultancy Service.

Stone Wishing Well

In addition to stone walling, we also offer a hard landscaping service which includes steps, patios, we are also happy to quote for other bespoke features such as inglenook fireplaces or wishing wells.

We now offer a free consultancy service through which we will provide a "health check" for your walls and stonework with a recommended course of action if any is needed. Contact us now to arrange a visit.

We regularly undertake insurance work whereby we provide quotations to insurance companies/agents and directly to individual policy holders.

Dry stone walls

Dry stone walls are often free standing boundary walls, but the dry stone technique also makes good retaining walls because the land behind the wall is allowed to drain freely between the stones. Dry stone is also very eco friendly not only because no mortar is used in the construction of a dry stone wall but because of the aesthetic and wildlife benefits .

Mortar bedded stone

Mortar bedded walls are generally stronger than dry stone walls and better suited to load bearing. Solid built mortar bedded stone walls are often found in modern renovations, barn conversions of as free standing boundary walls.

Stone cladding

Stone cladding is applied to all manner of building facade systems, it stems from the development of steel and concrete frames and the desire to make the underlying construction more aesthetically pleasing, so we clothe these structures with non-load bearing exterior walls.

Lime Plaster

Lime mortars let the wall breath, unlike cement based mortars or gypsum plasters - this helps to eliminate damp caused by moisture trapped within the wall. This is especially important if your property has solid built walls with no cavity.

Steps & Patios

Bespoke features are a great way to enhance your garden and add value to your property. We offer a complete hard landscaping service we work closely with the client, from the design stage through to the finished build.


are the defining feature of any room, the classic quality of natural stone simply radiates from the wall. Stone fireplaces can be adapted to suit gas, electricity and solid fuel types.


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