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Welcome to Devon Stone Walling.

We are located amongst the beautiful countryside of North Devon. We specialize in dry stone walling and mortar bedded stone walling. We also build stone fireplaces and many other bespoke features. We not only build new stone walls and repair old; we are specialists in the restoration of older buildings, using traditional materials. We are environmentally conscious and strive to keep all projects sympathetic to the surrounding environment.


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Landslide in Goodleigh.

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Values & Standards.

At Devon Stone Walling we pride ourselves on attention to detail, and we set high standards in all our work, no matter how large or small the job might be. We aim to achieve high professional standards and provide a cost-effective service. We work alongside our clients, to help them achieve their goals and dreams. We are open and approachable, we offer free estimates, a free consultancy service and we provide written quotes on request. We are happy to answer any questions you may have or give advice relating to work you are planning. Some good advice follows.....

When you choose to build with stone one of the most important considerations is the person who builds it, all too often high quality stone is ruined by inexperience and bad building practices, a good stone mason can turn average quality stone into a beautiful piece of building work. The origins of building with stone go back millennia and working techniques were passed on through different generations working side by side. Today, the majority of skills for this work still have to be learnt on site.

Why Stone?

Stone houses have a natural beauty, they are very low maintenance and don't require painting or siding, they are built to last and do. Natural stone is the traditional building material of the UK; stone has been used for building and roofing purposes for over two thousand years. Stone is a highly durable building material with high thermal mass. Locally quarried stone is an eco-friendly alternative, it's versatile, available in many types, shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Stone is about as sustainable as you can get. Look at Stonehenge. Look at the Pyramids. Although not technically houses, those things have lasted forever. Remember the Three Little Pigs? One of the pigs built a house out of straw, another sticks and another stone. Straw, in an ironic twist, turned out to be a rather good building material, but stone has always been a good building material.



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